With the increasing trends to ecommerce globally, the demand for reliable and economical shipping solutions, has never been greater.  The bubble mailer pouch is the best solution for shipping of many ecommerce products.  Given this trend, the demand for machines to make these pouches is growing significantly.

The MBMS-24 Bubble Mailer System is our solution to meet the demands of this growing market.  This new system uses “state of the art” technology to improve productivity, all while reducing downtime and maintenance costs.  The result was a system design that produces the highest quality bubble mailer pouches in the industry.
With the MBMS-24, the web movement function is separated from the sealing functions of the system.  This enables the system to achieve higher running speeds, while maintaining optimal sealing quality.  This also enables the easy lamination of coated paper or multi-layer film to the bubble.  An integral part of the MBMS-24 is the Inteliseal system used on all Modern Manufacturing Services pouch/bag making products. The Inteliseal system is a servo actuated system with built-in functional settings, which allows the operator to easily dial in the appropriate sealing settings for a particular film.

Standard Features:
  • Indexing conveyor
  • Multi-roll dancer
  • Servo actuated shear knife
  • 48” folding board
  • Dual roller servo draw rolls (2)
  • 48” diameter horizontal bubble unwind
  • Automatic web tension control
  • 24” diameter roll stock unwind
  • Full spectrum photo-eye
  • Touchscreen HMI
  • Cross cooling bars (2)
  • Safety guarding
  • Cross sealing bars (2)
  • Static eliminator
  • Bubble piercing station 


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