Momentum Servo Inteliseal Stand Up Pouch System
Momentum Servo Inteliseal Stand Up Pouch System

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James Russell, President / Engineer,

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October 23, 2018 Farmington, NY, USA
Modern Manufacturing Services, revealed a revolutionary new technology a Pack Expo 2018.

This new technology: the Momentum Servo Inteliseal Stand-Up Pouch System was revealed for the first time, to rave reviews.  The industry experts were impressed with the running speed, ease of operation, speed of set up and consistent manufacturing quality.
The new Momentum Servo Inteliseal Stand-Up Pouch System showed operators how they can control sealing head cycle distance, seal compression and force.   This new system, includes seal head locators that enables operators to know precisely were the sealing heads are located.  This allows for minor exact location movement, as well as, a reference point to be saved for repeat runs. Thereby, reducing set up times to less than half normally required.
This also allows you to run heat sensitive COEX films, by increasing your stroke distance from .25” to 1.5”.  This ensures that radiant heat does not become a concern, especially for today’s Green Marketplace, that’s looking to be able to produce recyclable flexible film packaging.  The seal compression is adjustable from full depth up to .060 inches above full compression. This further allows for the zipper to be flattened progressively.
The Inteliseal is an intelligent sealing system, which allows a wide variety of functionality, while solving the converting issues in today’s demanding market. The intelligent sealer is a servo actuated system, with built in functional settings. This allows the operator to choose, which feature is needed for the films and features in the pouch or bag they are running. This system is allowing the production floor to solve the functional issues with better quality product output.  At the same time, reducing set-up times and scrap.
Inteliseal Technology replaces a process that has been the same for over 70 years.. Finally, after seven decades you can control your sealing process to accomplish optimum performance and high quality.  The Future was revealed and can be seen at Modern Manufacturing Services, LLC.
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