2019 Roundtable on Bag/Pouch Making

We sat down and discussed bag/pouch making with James Russell from Modern Manufacturing Services, LLC. What follows are the excerpts from that discussion.

James Russell, President of Modern Manufacturing Services, LLC.James Russell
Modern Manufacturing Services, LLC
10 years with the company
(585) 289-4261

What’s new with your company in bag/pouch making? Have you released anything new or upgraded any existing equipment?

Russell: At Pack Expo last fall, Modern had the first live showing of our new Momentum Series with InteliSeal.  This new technology, is a servo actuated system that enables variable cycle and seal compression distances. These enable the Momentum series to run a wider variety of films, including COEX, Poly/Poly and recyclable material. This new product line satisfies the need for rapid changeovers and short runs. In the end, this allows customers to take advantage of niche and promotional pouch applications. 

What are some key factors that might lead a converter to upgrade or replace their existing bag/pouch machinery, even if it seems to be working OK?

Russell: As with any manufacturing business, it’s all about reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving output quality. The InteliSeal helps with all of these key priorities. With our early installations, customers have seen significantly reduced changeover times, higher run rates and drastically reduced set up waste. With the introduction of InteliSeal, the Momentum line has become one system that can satisfy both the short-run (digital) jobs and long-run production jobs. As shown at the past Pack Expo, the new Momentum series pouch line is capable of producing stand-up pouches, with zipper, up to 200 cycles per minute in sustainable production environments.

Aside from the standup pouch, are there any pouch formats you believe to be emerging in the market? If so, for what applications?

Russell: At Modern, we’re seeing enormous growth in liquid packaging. Not unlike standard pouch making, liquid packaging has some of the same advantages. It’s cost effective due to reduced material required for production and reduced transportation costs. It also requires less shelf space for storage and shelf space at retail locations. With the growing demand for liquid packaging we see an increasing need for in-line or near-line Fitment or Spout insertion.  To meet this demand, we’ve developed tailored fitment/spout insertion systems for virtually any liquid packaging application.

Improving throughput, reducing changeovers, reducing scrap and reducing maintenance are all ways for converters to maintain profit margins. Are there any other factors you can think of?

Russell: All of the things previously mentioned lead to uptime or the amount of production time that is available to produce jobs. It all starts with a finely engineered product with outstanding reliability and includes parts and support availability when needed.  Reducing downtime is the enemy we battle for our customers every day.

Can you explain the one or two features of your bag/pouch making equipment that converters like the most?

Russell: Historically speaking, customers have always liked our ability to customize/tailor our products for the applications they need to produce.  However, with the installation of our InteliSeal enabled units, we’re seeing our customers rave about the flexibility of our systems to handle a wide variety of pouch applications, all while producing “show quality” pouches at high cycles per minute. The most important factor in all of this is ease of use. As with any manufacturer these days, attracting quality skilled help is challenging. So at Modern we design our controls and machine set-ups to be the simplest in the industry. We factor in that the operators are the ones that are creating the performance. If they have a trouble free set-up, then the machine simply runs better with higher production.

Is there anything else you’d care to share about bag/pouch making?

Russell: We’re always looking to expand our offerings, to meet the diverse customer demands of the bag/pouch industry. For instance, we recently introduced our new line of side weld bag making equipment under the Scheldahl name. We’ve taken this proven design and reengineered it, to bring it to the 21st century. The InteliSeal system was added to the Scheldahl series and many of the mechanical parts (i.e. lower cams) were eliminated. These changes resulted in a bag making system that is capable of running today’s challenging films at high speed.

Source: https://www.flexpackmag.com/articles/89893-may-2019-roundtable-on-bagpouch-making

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