Main Features

Closed Loop System: Our focus is to provide a versatile, dependable control that is seamlessly integrated with the machine. Our closed system is optimized specifically for Modern machines, and does not rely on third-party suppliers. When you call Modern, you get a company that takes full responsibility for the entire machine.

Dedicated Operator Interface

The Modern Interface has a full array of settings, including a complete alphanumeric keypad, and all common functions are clearly labeled for operator ease. If you’ve ever fumbled with hot keys, or had to page through screens looking for a specific function, you will appreciate the simplicity of the Modern control. There are no encrypted codes to memorize, or any multi-step features to program to set a specific function.
Built-In Add a Feature

The Sophisticated Modern control system has built in feature enables that can be activated at any time, within the pass coded screen you can add a timed output feature by simply enabling it. Once this is done, when you return to the timing screens the new output is ready to run the added feature. This is great for adding punch assemblies or sealing features to your machine at any time.
Multi-Job Storage

Our machine includes the latest and easiest job storage function. With the option to store almost 100 jobs and the ability to add memory later, this becomes one of the most useful tools for your production.
Heater Output Sensing

Having the heating control system integrated into the machine control allows it to sense heater and thermocouple failures so that an alarm appears for the operator, this ensures that quality seals are produced.
Take Control

Years of development have gone into designing the best control hardware and software in the industry. Our new generation pouching lines pack even more innovation into what was already the industry’s greatest overall process control.

To ensure smooth, precise motion control, Modern uses next - generation digital servomotors and high - resolution encoders on all axes. Combined with significant software and motor - control advancements, this yields better quality and performance than ever before...

A Few Control Highlights
  • High speed processor
  • Simple to use operator touch screen
  • Alpha numeric key pad entry
  • Job storage
  • Independent sealing times for all seal heads
  • Feature enable for adding timed outputs at a later date
  • Temperature deviation alarms...
Seal Control
  • All of Moderns equipment is independently controlled for seal force
  • All seal heads have independent seal time adjustments
  • All seal force is repeatable by controlling either air pressure regulation or seal position as in our servo sealing systems
  • All seal heads are engineered to maintain flatness with built in heat expansion systems...
Superior Pouch Quality

When asked by a new potential customer, what kind of accuracy can your pouch machine maintain, we were a little unsure how to answer the question. Then the customer showed up with a printed film that had exacting dimensions for the pouch they wanted to make, putting us on the spot, and said set this up while we watch. To the customers surprise the machine held the tolerances at speed closer than any of the other pouch machine manufactures that they had tried to run this film...
Fastest Change Over in the Industry
  • All tooling is designed to be tool less change overs
  • All teflon-curtain carriers are designed to be tool less
  • Upper and lower sealing heads are all perfectly aligned to each other and are tied together thru timing chains, and gear rack so movement can be done with one simple hand wheel
  • Operator interface is easy to understand and designed with the operator in mind
  • All movable items come with scales and pointers for position
  • All mechanical positions can be saved in job storage
  • Job storage is easily achieved and saved
  • Pre-calculated mechanical positioning routines so the operators do not have to guess on the set-ups
  • Ergonomic conveying and operator work station...
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